Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trash to Treasure: Sherle Wagner Bathroom Fixtures

I got to talking with a regular customer of ours who brings by gold plated bathroom fixtures he sells on eBay. If anyone has ever watched the History channel show "American Pickers", they'll understand what this guy has going on. Apparently he found these fixtures hidden at the bottom of a large salvage pile. The name Sherle Wagner was engraved on the back of the sink basins, and lo and behold, they were selling on eBay for thousands of dollars. Needless to say, our good buddy can pay off his student loans no problem now!

He loves our services, as all he need to do is bring his high value, very fragile items safely into our store and give us his customer's information. We handle everything from there, contacting the client, arranging shipping, safely packing and transporting them, and collecting payment. All he has to do is drop the items off and he knows they will get to the client safe and sound.

Today we recieved three basins and all the accesories. I'm planning on giving the client a freight quote to save him some money off a UPS shipment, and to better ensure the safe arrival of his purchase.

I want to send lauds out to Kiyoshi for originally landing this customer. It's all about the customer service for us, and the people we help know they don't have to worry about a thing once their property is in our hands.

Pictured: A collection of Sherle Wagner bath accessories, once doomed to a landfill and now making some lucky guy a heap load of money, and bringing much needed business to our Bay Area stores.

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