Saturday, August 7, 2010

Internet Presence

Box Bros. Employees-

Box Brothers has been dedicating a significant amount of time and effort into increasing our presence on the internet. This is crucial nowadays, as it's becoming increasingly rare for a consumer to open up a Yellow Pages to find what he/she needs. The internet has revolutionized advertising and marketing, and Box Brothers is taking full advantage of this opportunity.
It is extremely important for everyone to understand that something as small as a review on Yahoo or a blog post can go a very long way. EVERY single piece of information published on the web regarding, relating to, or naming "Box Brothers" raises our presence on the web. This is critical; this is what "getting your name out there" is all about. The more popular the blog becomes, the higher we will show up in Google search results. The more reviews we have online, the more people get directed to our company's web profiles (i.e. Google, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Citysearch, etc…), and to our official website as a result.
To conclude, please continue to encourage customers to post reviews of our service as it is critical to the success of our online marketing. Keep in mind that every one of these customers posting a review is entitled to his/her opinion… and reviews aren't always complimenting. Remember, every customer you help may be going home to write a review about your store. Therefore, as always and now more than ever, optimal customer service is a must.

Thank You and keep up the good work!

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