Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharie sharing her new skills......

I'm still a bit new to the company, so I wanted to write my first blog post! Yesterday Bill and I received two large candelabras to pack for shipment...nothing too unsual about two candelabras... except these were both covered in large, unpolished, roughly cut crystals. They covered the entire surface of the candelabras as well as a very fine "crystal dust" over the top of each arm, where one would insert the candles. The maker of these items brought them in because she had trouble when shipping them on her own - the crystals were coming off and she even had problems with the arms breaking off during shipment. She wanted to make sure that they were packed safely for transit, and carefully enough to protect the fragility of the crystals attached. We carefully wrapped and packed these items using a number of safe materials, and they were then placed into a foam lined box to add extra sturdiness and padding to the walls of the box. When she came to pick her up pieces she was beyond thrilled with how we had packed them, and was excited to have a place to turn to for her packing needs. To add to that, she was doubly happy when Bill informed her that we could even pick up her items for her, from her residence, so she would not have to make the trip to our store (she came all the way to us from about 45 minutes north of San Francisco!), along with packing her items and doing the shipping for her as well. All she would have to worry about was being home for us to pick them up...we will take care of the rest! So in the end we had a very happy customer and two well packed, fragile, and unique items. I am happy to be a part of this great team here in the Bay Area! -Sharie

Box Brother Oakland


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