Monday, August 2, 2010

Teamwork and Proud of It

Last week, Box Brothers undertook two corporate relocations, for which I was involved with
directly. The cool thing about it was that both of these shipments involved managers of
diverse business organizations, with both regional and national ties.

While both were done excellently, and without any snags, glitches or problems, which is testament to the great quality service Box Brothers employs for all of its customers, but
getting these service renderings done was a result of a great teamwork, as well.

We had the opportunity to handle a complex, multi day and multi stop consolidation for a
top supervisor and account manager for a top 5 advertising agency, which I have been asked not
to name, for security purposes. We had early morning appointments, at multiple locations
and not only did we not miss a beat, and we were early at each stop, but we not only finished early and without any snags, claims or issues of any type. We had to use multiple men on different days and even though this presented a challenge, Foreman Cesar Calderon not only
handled all aspects of the relocation, but did so with flying colors. Our main Foreman, Big Ray,
dominated all aspects of service on this job as well.

We had to give him off for half of this job, as he was taking his wife to celebrate their 25th
Wedding Anniversary, out of state at some gambling mecca....much congratulations to Ray for
this milestone. I know many of us marvel at this accomplishment, these days.

We also had our Las Vegas regional manager, Brian Turpin on hand to assist with this relocation,
and it was really good to have him here with us assisting. To have different parts of your organization assist in providing great service to our customers is nothing short of a blessing and
is a credit to our commitment to provide the best possible service to all of our customers.

The second relocation had to do with a firm, that is growing significantly and who is in the
retail grocery field, and they are so new, we were the first firm that they commissioned to help
relocate one of their managers to a brand new store in the Sacramento area.

We happened to have our regional managers here from the Bay Area, Bill Carter, and as indicated earlier, Brian Turpin, from Las Vegas, and both of them were instrumental in the front
end of this relocation. We had to do the front end of the job or the pick up, bring the shipment
back to our warehouse and prepare it for shipping, which we did and we were able to get the shipment to our Oakland facility, next day, for delivery on Saturday, in the Sacramento area.

The delivery crew, led by our Northern California Operations Manager, Ganzo, took over from there and completed the relocation, on time, without damage, so that the new Manager from this
grocery concern, could begin his new job on Monday, the day after we delivered. He was so happy with our service, he had only words of praise for all of the men involved in this relocation.

Special mention and thanks to our Sales and Warehouse Manager in Los Angeles, Marianna Kazy Carlson, who handled both of these relocations--on the administrative end. As always, her attention to detail, incredible communication skills and follow up allowed for excellent service
and proper coordination.

As the President of Box Brothers, I am very proud that all parts of our firm can come together to
provide our customers with the best possible service. Hats off to all of you for a great job done.

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