Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Santa Monica, CA

5 star rating

had to drop off something for UPS

i never kno wtf i'm doing so:

ray helped me out on weds. he's super friendly and he understands that people don't wanna spend all day doing crap like this. i walked in w/ a box. that's about it. he helped an idiot such as myself and sent me an email confirmation keeping me updated as to the status.

in and out within 2 mins. that's pretty impressive i think. had i done this at the post office: 1 im kidding, 2 years.

parking in front or around the side on wilshire, 21st or 22nd.

aside: they have all these 8x10 glossy pix that are signed by celebs. lol felt like one of those weird hold in the wall restaurants.

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tamar s.

Los Angeles, CA

5 star rating

This is a great place. The guys are helpful, nice, and try to do what you want at the best possible price. They offer both UPs and Fedex. They email you the tracking number which makes life much easier. I highly reccommend them. Parking in back, and there's always streetside spaces anyway.

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