Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Devilwagon in Vegas

Devilwagon has been on the road for two months or so... Starting in Philadelphia, PA they have traveled through many different regions of the United States finally to arrive in Las Vegas.... If you were wondering what Devilwagon has to do with a Box Brothers Blog, I am getting to that.... Dan Wagner our former Regional Manager of the Bay Area locations had spent several years with the Box Brothers Family...... He left the company to pursue a young lady on the Eastcoast that he met on a on-line dating service...... He sponsored her for several years before she saved up enough money to hide in a overseas container stuffed with hundreds of other young ladies from Thailand... Together they started and headed out for a six month drive across the country blogging and taking picture of all their stops along the way..... While here in Las Vegas, NV they have chosen to stay at the Long Family Residence..... We showed them around the old side of Vegas and started at the Freemont Experience....... Carrie ( Dan's International Mail Order Girlfriend ) had a great time taking photos and finally being free from the International sex traders......... I'm just kidding about Carrie.... I see why Dan left the nest to fly to the Eastcoast and restart a past relationship.... Dan and Carrie are great people and if we are lucky we may be able to convince them to stay on the Westcoast so Dan can come back to work..... This is a rare photo of the two and the only proof that they are still alive after several $2.00 shots of Taquilla........ May their travels be safe and filled with many enjoyable stops along the way..... After Vegas they will be headed to Los Angeles... Follow their blog and see all the wonderful photos of their adventures.....

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