Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday 7/10/2010 Box Brothers, Woodland Hills location!

Today started out like any other weekend day at the Woodland Hills location! I got in at 10min to 10am, as I started logging in I opened up the register to count the money and make sure that the float was correct at $100.00
I busted out the adding machine (calculator) and start counting, and as always we were good for business. Okay, let me rephrase that, the register was good for business but we only had 4 singles, 1 ten dollar bill, and 3 twenty's. We were good in the coin department and as I was putting the phone off the hook and getting the "will return" sign up to show any customer that we Will Return after I go to the Bank of America to get change, a customer comes running into the store demanding that I serve all of his moving needs and give him an amazing discount, so like any Box Brothers employee I did just that, and I made sure that the customer had his "AAA" card on him so I could give that "Amazing discount" he needed!

After I sold him his huge moving order of 4 small moving and 10 medium moving boxes I went on my way to get change for the store! I walk into the BofA by Corp and I see a huge line of customers and thought to myself, "how can I speed this up? I have to be back asap to re-open the store!" So I just ran to the Business line and went right to the teller, turns out that she knows Mark and Goody pretty well as they go in there frequently to deposit money for our checks! She was very nice and I told her that I'm working at our woodland hills location and if she needs anything from shipping to moving or just stopping in to say hello that I will be in till 4pm today and Sunday. She told me that as for now she has no need for shipping and or moving but she has a couple friends that are moving and said that once she has her break she will call and let them know that Box Brothers can take care of all there needs, and her friends wont have to dumpster dive in the back of the grocery stores for boxes! What a small world... 22512 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills CA, 91364 818.224.4661 Daniel Goodman

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