Friday, July 16, 2010

One heck of a long week

When each and every Monday comes around, it is fair to say that I can never predict
what will occur in a given week. I can plan on a lot of things, but this week for example, I could never have anticipated what actually took place.

It was a week of raw emotions. From sadness, to anger, and back again. A real roller coaster,
I had to find out that vendors could not communicate and I found out that former employees
are doing things that are below low, and we dropped the ball with some vendors and some vendors dropped the ball with us.

Some would say that is an average week. However, if I ever felt as though doing the right thing was a simple matter, life definitely has a way to make everything feel and look complex. While the specifics of each of these matters is less important than the message, I just cannot understand how you can not do your job, or mistreat your customers or not appreciate the right effort. It is hard when you take people and firms to task for how they treat you, as this is the
age of not giving a damn, or so it seems.

I had the bank tell me the other day, that they could only assist me with protecting our funds, if I chose to pay more monthly fees. I want to make sure everyone heard this. A bank, would not assist a 25 year customer, with helping them safeguard our own funds because I needed to spend more on monthly fees with them to do so. Why don't they just change their name to: We are here for ourselves and Not our Customers." Can you believe that Bank of America forgot they are here to serve customers and protect their customer's assets?

I am sure that business gets these lousy ideas from their accountants, as I think those people who never deal with customers and only think of ways to increase revenue without thinking that they have a duty to their customers. Actually, it is the senior management that is at fault for thinking so selfishly and so shortsightedly. How can Bank of America create any customer good will when they act like this. I assume the other banks are doing this too, as most of these business follow their bad competitors instead of following the good ones. HOw sad.

I wished I lived in a world that where people and firms got what they gave. I have always tried
at Box Brothers to understand our customers and not think of ways of taking more of their money and while business purists argue that the ends justify the means, if we as a nation have learned anything over the last few years, is that this way of doing business is not right in the long
run for anyone.

I mean, didn't General Motors file bankruptcy this year and were they not the largest commercial enterprise in the world 40 years ago? Didn't the largest software firm in the world,
Microsoft, release operating systems that had so many glitches, most people went around their
new products and used the old operating system. Did we not see the most successful consumer products company today, Apple, release a $500.00 phone knowing it was not a good product and had serious flaws, like holding the phone in your hand and you do not get reception? By not including a $2.00 cover to avoid the problem. What a bunch of bastards, to do this, instead of doing the right thing for their customers. Ask me, where is Mr. Jobs now?

Who thinks of these actions, and that the public is to stupid to even notice. I do not have that
privilege here at Box Brothers nor would I ever want to think that way. We do not have a PR machine to use and as a result, we do not take chances with our customers. I just wish people understood how some businesses just use them and sometimes, the customers just come back for more. Maybe it takes time to punish a company for not being customer centric, but I have no respect for those firms and again, I just wish they got what they gave. They need to be taught a lesson. They need to be punished.
I will keep dreaming.

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