Friday, July 9, 2010

Is it Really Friday?

You have got to appreciate those work weeks, where due to holidays
or some other reason, the weekend just seems to get here a little quicker.

This was one of those weeks, due to the Independence Day Holiday. The weather is
getting nicer for us and it seems that this will be a nice weekend. I have out of town
guests, the infamous Devil Wagon tour is stopping by, today, and planning on staying a few
days in sunny Southern California.

Dan Wagner, is one half of the "Devil Wagon tour, a six month driving tour of all of the national
parks in the United States, as well as a few other stops. Dan and his mate are just about in the middle of the tour.

Dan was formerly our store manager in Westwood, and then he transferred up to the Bay Area and ran our warehouse operations and retail store. He left last year to return to his roots and his Devil Wagon partner back in Philadelphia. What is really cool is that at Box Brothers, we are a family and you are welcome back anytime for a visit or a stay. It is all good, and I am proud that we have a company that is like that. Can you imagine anyone saying that who worked at American Express and or any bank in America? I doubt it.

I look forward to seeing both of them, as they are staying with me a few days, while in Los
Angeles. While I cannot see myself taking 6 months off and traveling the states, the idea of it
is somewhat exciting.

I am hopeful that this weekend can be a good one for the Devil Wagon crew and for myself,
as I love to play tour guide to visitors, even though Dan has lived here before.

To all, a great weekend and here is hoping that all we hear about going forward is that the economy is getting better and that people are happy and that we can all have a good time
doing whatever we do.

Bring it on.

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