Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vegas High Life.....

Check out the poofy hair Cowboy is growing.... These photos are from last week during a huge job coming out of the Vegas Towers going to Palm Springs, CA...... The Vegas Boys were extremely busy the last couple of weeks while I was gone on vacation.... I think the heat is finally getting to them.... The temperature rises as well as the attitudes.... All I have to do is make sure they all get taken care of and then they are back on track... I will be taking them all to the lake one weekend for some fun in the boat on Lake Mead.... They work so hard during the summer months packing out back in the alley when the sun is beating down on them all day long..... Every summer we pray that by next summer there will be a warehouse in the Vegas Valley..... I certainly will not hold my breath on that one..... Until tomorrow may the Blog be with you!!!!!!!!

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