Friday, July 30, 2010

Go Chris G.

Good morning Mark, I was given your name by Chris because I wanted to let someone know what a great job Chris has been doing. I live in Florida but our son lives in Woodland Hills CA and is in the process of moving back east to FL. Chris has gone beyond the call of duty to help me get our son's items ready and is assisting us in getting the items shipped. He is quick to respond, has explained the process for shipping so many items, has been clear on the costs and just overall a pleasure to work with. I had spoken with moving companies and they just want the job but they don't want to give you the time of day. It is mostly, trust me and don't ask questions attitude.

It is so refreshing to find someone who does care about their work and most importantly the service they provide to their customer. Over the years customer service industries seem to be more concern with how quickly can they get it done and not how well it is done. If Chris is at all representative of your other employees then you should do very well in the future as a company.

It has been a pleasure doing business with Box Brothers and most especially with Chris Greene.

Joyce M.
Punta Gorda, FL

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