Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can You Teach An Old Dog Some New Tricks....

More than once, I have blogged about how some of our long term employees, almost seem
afraid to enter the world of blogging. These are good people who have made huge contributions to Box Brothers and have gone above and beyond to take care of their customers in ways that would make our competitors cringe.

The UPS Stores, the Fedex Kinko's outlets, don't have any people like the ones we have who do care about the job they do for their customers. One of these employees, has accounts that would
make your head spin, as for example, one of his client's is the interior decorator for our President of the United States and the First Lady, the Obama's. He has serviced this customer for over 15
years and they work with no other firm, other than ours, due to his efforts.

However, I cannot get this "old dog" to enter the internet blogosphere.........Maybe cause he is shy or maybe there are other reasons, but I would love to tell the world about his days, as he is
so good with customers and their goods, he simply has no equals.

Likewise, I have a dynamic person who runs our shipping operations and handles a great deal of
artwork, and speaks to gallery owners, movie stars, museums and a number of other movers and shakers in live in our world. Getting her to blog is a tough task, but I am not sure why, as she is not in fear of anything and she has never met a challege that she did not attack head on.

She has handled original Matisse Artwork valued in the millions of dollars; she has taken care of
foreign clients in ways they marvel at, as their own people cannot do what she does. She loves artwork, and clients, and I would love for her to simply share a few stories, as she can write a book.

At Box Brothers, we have had some really great and interesting clients and I just wish that everyone would contribute to our blog so that the whole world would be able to read about
it. I will not stop trying to get them to blog, but I wish it would just come easier.

I would not, however, trade these people for anyone else out there.

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