Thursday, July 8, 2010

keyboard pack ship

This is a Roland Keyboard. Keyboards can be a challenge since they are typically an odd size.

Its important to pack keyboards and other fragile electronics well. The item needs to withstand handling during the shipping process.

Items are often stacked or dropped and handled roughly fragile items need to be packed with that in mind.

This item we made a custom box and packed it in 1 inch of bubble and 2 inches of solid Styrofoam.

We also make wood crates these are suggested for higher value keyboards and digital pianos.

We pack and ship anything anywhere. We Have a large selection of boxes and packing supplies.
Have us pack it or stop in we will tell you how and sell you the right supplies.

Box Brothers Redondo Beach OPEN 7 DAY / PARK IN REAR.
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  1. This Roland keyboard is looking very nice, and the idea of packing pack keyboards is very nice. I am looking for cheap moving boxes.