Thursday, July 1, 2010

Art Work Moving/Storage

Artwork can be one of the most challenging parts of a move. High value and fragile artwork needs to be protected during the transportation process. We ship high value or particularly fragile artwork in quality wood crates. Vault type crates are ideal for long term storage. We offer many shipping options. We pick up and safely pack your valuable artwork.

We make our own crates and can offer a vault type crate that can hold many paintings. These can be made top or side load or even both. This method is one of the safest ways to store or move artwork. We make quality wood crates any size.

For Oil paintings we suggest a paper mat first then Styrofoam or corrugated corner protectors. You want to avoid any plastic making direct contact with the surface of an oil painting these remain volatile and can react to bubble wrap and other plastics. Honey comb or Styrofoam is a good safe material for the inner box.

Acrylic and water colors typically wont react with stretch film or bubble wrap but care should be used when storing water colors as long term these can be effected by acid based paper used as packing material. Paper mats are safe we suggest you avoid any printed paper. Printed newspaper can damage a water color if there is contact with the surfaces also some paper can color prints even if there is no direct contact.

For glass fronted artwork its a good practice to use painters tape or masking tape on the glass front several strips in both directions. This is in case the glass brakes during transit ,the glass will stay in a smaller amount of pieces this can help protect your artwork. Note that masking tape can leave a residue but this can be removed with alcohol. Painters tape will not leave any residue if removed within a few weeks.

We can pick up and pack your artwork or advise you how to do it. We have a large in stock box selection and are open 7 days. Box Brothers Redondo Beach.

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